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7 Ingredients for Hosting Thanksgiving Outdoors

7 Ingredients for Hosting Thanksgiving Outdoors

Outdoor Entertaining Trends to Spice up Your Thanksgiving

Savor the scent of the crackling wood burning in the crisp November air and capitalize on our consummate November weather by hosting Thanksgiving outdoors this year. Imagine serving your guests crudités in the courtyard, surrounded by colorful coleus and crotons. Take in autumn’s auspicious ambiance while imbibing in a festively garnished garden aperitif. Then, tide over famished friends and family with tempting tapas as the turkey simmers in its juices. From mouth-watering culinary confections to fabulous new furnishings, follow along as we curate top outdoor trends to secure your status as the transcendent Thanksgiving host.


Bonick Landscaping 7 Ingredients for Hosting Thanksgiving Outdoors

1. Serve Clever Cocktails for Cooler Temps

Magnify your inner mixologist and craft some of these seasonal cocktails courtesy of the Dallas Observer. From savory pumpkin spice margaritas to mollifying maple toddies, these autumn aperitifs are sure to soothe your holiday stress. Embellish your glasses with sprigs of herbs from your garden for added festive flair.


2. Amp Up the Ambience

With our often unpredictable DFW weather, heat is an essential element for hosting Thanksgiving outdoors.

Bonick Landscaping 7 Ingredients for Hosting Thanksgiving Outdoors

Toasty Technology

Extend the comfort of your outdoor spaces during the chilly season with low-profile Infratech heating systems. Made from recyclable materials, this earth-friendly radiant heat technology operates with zero greenhouse emissions, odors, or ultraviolet light. Surround yourself with consistent infrared warmth, in an array of styles to suit your home’s architecture.
Bonick Landscaping 7 Ingredients for Hosting Thanksgiving Outdoors

Autumn’s Afterglow

If a fire is preferred, the sleek Lumacast BOLA slim creates a cozy ambiance perfect for connecting with friends & family as the sun sets over the city. This modern, gas-burning, patented-designed fire table features an expansive, flat surface area to set your favorite fall beverage or small charcuterie tray. Available in six sizes and eight colors, with optional tabletop and infill choices, BOLA’s sleek, sophisticated style complements your outdoor decor and provides the ideal autumn ambiance to wind down your week. Discover all the ways Bonick can improve your outdoors through fire features.


Bonick Landscaping 7 Ingredients for Hosting Thanksgiving Outdoors

3. Cook from a Culinary Oasis

Our clients are raving about the revolutionary, reliable, and customizable grills that our designers have installed from Hestan. This award-winning, American-made culinary collection is available in an array of powder-coated colors to match any aesthetic. Offering ample add-on options for outdoor entertaining from refrigerated drawers and ice machines to beer taps and wine storage, you won’t ever have to miss a moment with your guests. Learn more and contact us for a custom consultation.


Bonick Landscaping 7 Ingredients for Hosting Thanksgiving Outdoors

4. Appease Your Afternoon Appetite

While awaiting the main course, capitalize on your outdoor cook station and help curb your company’s cravings by whipping up some of these blissful bites from Food Network’s best Thanksgiving appetizers. From simple stuffed mushrooms, tantalizing toast toppings, decadent dips, and a complete Thanksgiving-themed charcuterie board, you’ll delight your guests with these chef-inspired delicacies.



Bonick Landscaping 7 Ingredients for Hosting Thanksgiving Outdoors

5. Dine in Decadence

Any quintessential holiday host knows that the Thanksgiving table is the piece de resistance. One can’t go wrong with the timeless Terassi Dining collection. Designed by Studio Tolvanen, this straight-grain teak table delivers a notable nod to the 1930s rustic farmhouse style. Your company will appreciate its coordinating, cushiony comfort seating while you’ll relish its all-weather durability. For an added festive feel, adorn your place settings with sprigs of garden herbs, colorful leaves, or petite potted plants.


Bonick Landscaping 7 Ingredients for Hosting Thanksgiving Outdoors

6. Recline like Royalty

After everyone is satiated from hatch stuffing and pecan pie, sink into superior outdoor relaxation with the Pacha Outdoor Sofa. Pierre Paulin’s organic curves embrace its occupants for leisurely lounging. Set back on a slim, swiveling base, this low-profile seating collection features dual layers of outdoor fabric with a water-repellent inner layer. This supple sofa will serve up holiday hugs just in time for the tryptophan to take its toll!


Bonick Landscaping 7 Ingredients for Hosting Thanksgiving Outdoors

7. Spruce Up Seasonal Color

Of course, the top tip to hosting Thanksgiving outdoors is embellishing autumn’s ambiance. Your personal garden concierge can design, source, and plant colorful fall containers or sustain your gardens with festive red, orange, and gold foliage. Allow our experts to escort your Thanksgiving guests through whimsical walkways and surround them in harvest hues. Contact us for a custom color enhancement this holiday season so you and your guests can sublimely savor the senses.


— by Tammy Dalke Vanderkolk


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