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Swimming Pool Safety Solutions

Swimming Pool Safety Solutions

Swimming pool safety is at the forefront of every homeowner’s mind when installing a pool—especially when children or pets are present. From simple safety nets and covers to fashionable fences and state-of-the-art moveable floors, we’ve curated some of the finest in pool protection to fulfill your need for security as well as indulgent luxury.


Swimming Pool Barriers

Custom Glass Safety Fences

Bonick Landscaping Swimming Pool Safety Solutions

This elegant, custom glass safety fence provides peace of mind with a minimalist design. Its refined, clean lines allow for minimal detection to allow your landscape to shine while keeping a clear forcefield between the water and tiny tots. Allow our pool designers to assess your functional needs and aesthetic preferences to create a protective barrier suited to your specific pool and landscape.

Moveable Fences

Bonick Landscaping Swimming Pool Safety Solutions

For a more portable solution, globally recognized, Texas-based pool safety experts, Katchakid offer a range of customizable products that provide peace of mind.

The Katchakid® removable pool safety fence acts as a barrier to protect your little ones from open water. Made from Textilene panels, their 15-foot sections allow them to be adapted to any pool shape. This rigorously tested fencing system can withstand everything from extreme weather to furry friends and curious climbers. Consider coupling them with self-latching, key-lockable, and self-closing gates for an extra layer of security.

Pool Covers

Mesh Pool Cover

Another alternative is the Katchakid® pool safety nets.  These tennis-racket-like barriers stretch over your pool with an adjustable tension system and are durably anchored with flush-mounted fasteners. Couple them with a leaf guard for UV and winterizing protection, and help to inhibit mosquitoes, algae, and bacteria growth. Customizable to your pool’s shape, water features, and decor, these novel nets also resist fading, shrinkage, and deterioration.

Bonick Landscaping Swimming Pool Safety Solutions

Automatic Covers

CoverPools®  automatic cover can be accessed by the turn of a key or push of a button to cover your pool in under a minute. Its powerful motorized mechanics make it one of the most advanced and popular covers available for existing pools or new builds.


State-Of-the-Art Pool Safety

Pool safety can also be sexy. Consider these moveable floors and disappearing covers from Twinscape . Their designers and engineers utilize state-of-the-art technology that makes functionality highly fashionable.

Movable Floors

Bonick Landscaping Swimming Pool Safety Solutions

Utilize your swimming pool as a versatile space while keeping the kids and pets safe. These sleek Hydrofloors® surfaces do double duty as a play area, a parking space, or the perfect place for winter evening entertaining. Relying upon hydraulics for movement and stainless steel beams, locking pins, and plates for strength, Twinscape engineers factor in your pool’s* exact dimensions to determine the proper load capacity.  Our landscape architects will work closely with you and Twinscape to provide a seamless solution to suit your style.

*Hydrofloors work best when implemented at the time of pool design. Retrofitting an existing pool will require major modifications.


Disappearing Covers

Bonick Landscaping Swimming Pool Safety Solutions

Another alternative for flexible space on a smaller scale is Twinscape’s disappearing spa covers. These elegant, energy-efficient safety solutions smoothly slip out of sight under the existing floor or terrace. Fabulously functional and packed full of features, they provide excellent insulation in any finish or material desired.


Swimming pool safety is an essential priority, and our pool experts at Bonick are happy to help assist you with your choices. Whether you’re looking for a temporary or permanent pool safety solution, we’ll work within your budget and needs to find the ideal solution for your family. Contact us today to learn more.