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Powerful Pool Purification

Powerful Pool Purification

Just How Clean Is Your Pool?

From dogs, humans, and the outside environment, your pool can carry everything from bodily fluids, skin cells, bacteria, algae, viruses and pathogens, microorganisms, and more. With these contaminants potentially lurking in our water, proper water purification is essential!  Various available methods will keep your pool sanitary and prevent serious illnesses such as E. coli, Staph, Giardia, and Crypto. Learn about the options and how our preferred method of Ozone, when administered correctly, contains significantly more disinfecting power than chlorine! Germophobes, rejoice!


What Is Water Purification?

Pool water purification involves disinfecting the water to kill pesky pathogens and microorganisms and to provide that clear, sparkling pool you’ll be proud to show off to your friends and neighbors. While various methods of pool water filtration exist, not all are created equal.


Bonick Landscaping Powerful Pool Purification

Types of Water Purification Systems


Since 1961, yellow polka dot bikinis reigned supreme and the industry-standard water treatment chemical providing glistening highlights to sunbathers everywhere was chlorine. While this popular pool chemical is effective in reaching certain water quality standards, scientists are discovering its limitations and potential hazards. With the rise in Recreational Water Illness (RWI) posing a significant public health and liability risk, other avenues are being researched.

Bonick Landscaping Powerful Pool Purification


Bromine filtration systems can be used to kill bacteria and harmful contaminants. Because it remains stable in hot water, bromine is also a fan favorite for treating spas and hot tubs. While bromine performs better than chlorine in sunlight and has less of a chemical odor, its downside is that it can be abrasive to the skin.


What is Ozone?

Ozone is a gas that, when dissolved in water, kills pathogens and microorganisms, destroys organic contaminants, breaks down inorganic contaminants, kills biofilms, and breaks down chloramines, all by intense oxidation. This highly energetic and very unstable molecule is composed of three oxygen atoms (O3) that attempts to recombine with anything in its path to stabilize. Pathogens and microorganisms beware: Ozone is the fiercest EPA-approved antimicrobial oxidizer, sanitizer, and disinfectant commercially available. It’s also safe enough that it has been approved as an organic food additive. With a disinfecting capability of 200 to 1 (on average) it’s no match for chlorine. In short, Ozone is a sanitation superhero!

How does it work?

Ozone is produced by an ozone generator at the point of use (utilizing only air and electricity) and converts back to oxygen. Because it leaves no harmful byproducts, Ozone is both a green and sustainable technology.

Bonick Landscaping Powerful Pool Purification

Advantages of Ozone Water Purification

  • Visibly improves water clarity with its strong oxidation
  • Destroys biofilms (surface slime) with its strong antimicrobial action
  • Controls chloramine levels and eliminates the need for “shockoxidizing”
  • Reduces chlorine consumption by 75% while maintaining a low free available chlorine residual while eliminating chlorine’s irritating effects.
  • Contains no harmful byproducts, making it safe for people and pools
  • Sustainable, organic and the most environmentally-friendly antimicrobial oxidizer available

Bonick Landscaping Powerful Pool Purification

Types of Ozone Water Purification

UV (Ultraviolet) Ozone

UV Ozone is produced with light energy. The quantity and concentration produced is quite limited and the energy cost is high.

CD (Corona Discharge) Ozone

CD Ozone is produced with electric energy, delivering significantly higher quantity and concentration with a lower energy cost than UV Ozone.

MicroPlasma Ozone

The leader of the pack, MicroPlasma Ozone is the latest in ozone production for residential pools. Offering a much higher efficiency, MicroPlasma produces significantly more ozone with much less energy consumption. Its top-notch Smart Ozone Technology provides automatic control, protection and useful information for your pool. Not only does the LED readout give you a glance at your pool’s real-time health, but its integrated sensors monitor your system to adjust for humidity and notify you of any potential errors. This powerhouse even packs extraordinarily low energy consumption, making it the all-around winner in our book.

Bonick Pool Service

Not only do we design and build pools, but we also maintain them. If you have any questions pertaining to the information presented above or would like to explore your pool service options, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.


Special thanks to Ozone Consultant, Beth Hamil for sharing her extensive wealth of knowledge for this article.

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