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Landscape Spring Cleaning Checklist

Landscape Spring Cleaning Checklist

It’s finally springtime in Texas! While you’re making your spring cleaning to do list inside the house, don’t forget to take some time to assess your landscape. Chances are, it could use some spring sprucing.

While Bonick Landscaping may be known for luxury landscape design, pools and outdoor living spaces, we also provide an array of services to maintain the work we do. After all, quality is only as good as the care it receives.

Your landscape is an investment and nurturing it is essential in order for it to mature.

Depending upon the amount of care it receives, your landscape can either:

  1. Flourish with regular care
  2. Grow stagnant with poor care
  3. Fall backward with no care

Landscape Spring Cleaning Checklist

Take some time to tour your property and determine what items need work to prepare for outdoor living and entertaining. Our dedicated Garden Managers can even assess your landscape for you and get you on a regular maintenance schedule.

Bonick Landscaping Landscape Spring Cleaning Checklist


  • Begin weekly mowing
  • Fertilize your lawn when it’s 50% green
  • Check for adequate coverage of your sprinkler system
  • Spring is a time for cool season weeds; stay on top of them by hand weeding or using approved herbicide.

Bonick Landscaping Landscape Spring Cleaning Checklist


  • Removing debris & preparing garden beds
  • Weeding & fertilizing (hand weeding wherever possible)
  • Adding seasonal color
  • Garden pest prevention, as needed
  • Fertilize all planting beds
  • Clean winter debris from drains
  • Cut back ornamental grasses and dead branches from plants or ferns
  • Spring is the best time to do any hard cutbacks on shrubs
  • Install a fresh 2-inch layer of high-quality hardwood mulch

Bonick Landscaping Landscape Spring Cleaning Checklist

Whether your landscape is in need of routine maintenance or it’s taken a backseat on your priority list,  Bonick Landscaping will do the heavy lifting so you can enjoy the things that really matter. From meticulous maintenance to gardens brimming with beautiful blooms, we’ll sculpt your landscape so it’s singing for spring!

Bonick Landscaping Landscape Spring Cleaning Checklist


Learn more about our available garden care services.

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