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Texas Freeze Preparedness

Texas Freeze Preparedness

Winter storms are headed to DFW and our Bonick service teams are mobilized to step into action if needed. Here are some precautions you can take to protect your property.

1. Water Your Plants

Give plants a healthy drink of water on Friday by watering them at the roots. This will help maintain the water levels within the stems.

Bonick Landscaping Texas Freeze Preparedness

2. Cover for Warmth

If the temperatures drop to 28˚F or below for 4 or more hours, cover susceptible plants with freeze blankets or lightweight sheets or blankets. Do NOT use plastic. Pay special attention to these plants:

  • CyclamenBonick Landscaping Texas Freeze Preparedness
  • Agaves in raised containers*
  • Color Containers
  • Jasmine (both ground and wall)
  • Boxwoods in raised planters
  • Sagos* (ground and container)
  • Fig Ivy

*Add a 40-Watt bulb for added warmth

3. Keep Water Moving

Keep any water moving during a freeze. Most pools have freeze guards that activate the pumps. If yours does not, simply remove the top from the pump basket and drain the water from the area. In the event of a hard freeze,  add a milk jug with a small amount of water to the pool to give the water somewhere to expand.

Bonick Landscaping Texas Freeze Preparedness

4. Don’t walk on frozen lawns.

If ice builds up in your yard, protect fragile grass from damage by not walking across it.

Bonick Landscaping Texas Freeze Preparedness

Stay tuned to our social media for updates and contact us with any concerns.

Tips courtesy of Glenn Bonick & Ralph Edge