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Bonick Landscaping offers monthly maintenance to ensure your home’s landscape is expertly manicured from season to season. Our process starts with our Garden Manager who will assess your outdoor living space and select a range of services to protect your landscape investment. From seasonal color design to proactive plant and tree healthcare, our landscape maintenance teams will make sure your plants keep their radiant and healthy glow.


Awaken the natural splendor of your outdoor living space with landscape maintenance from Bonick Landscaping. Our team of expert arborists, designers, and landscape specialists will provide year-round maintenance to protect and beautify your garden. Through a range of comprehensive services including plant and tree healthcare, seasonal color design, and management of your irrigation and sprinkler systems, Bonick will preserve your landscape investment and enhance the curb appeal and value of your estate.

Irrigation Systems

Plant Health Care

A healthy garden is a hydrated one. Bonick Landscaping has over 30-years of experience installing, repairing, and maintaining automated and remote monitoring sprinkler systems. Whether your current system has new or old technology, our watering specialists will preserve the fertility of your lawns and keep your outdoor living space green and sustainable year-round.

Plant health care (PHC) is a vital step towards comprehensive lawn and garden maintenance. Bonick Landscaping has a complete spectrum of organic and synthetic fertilization options for both annual and routine care. Our plant care specialists will manage all aspects of soil management, weed control, root health, and the vitality of your lawns, gardens, shrubs, and trees.

Tree Care

Mosquito Control

Bonick Landscaping has a team of experienced tree care specialists and arborists committed to protecting, feeding, trimming and sculpting your young and mature trees. A beautifully groomed tree is not only a centerpiece of your outdoor landscape, it also adds significant value to your estate. Our specialists also offer as-needed services such as storm clean up, tree removal, and stump grinding.

A swarm of unwanted mosquitos can quickly turn a tranquil afternoon in the garden into a unpleasant experience. If your outdoor living space is overrun by mosquitos, Bonick Landscaping will install mosquito control systems for continued coverage or offer a 100% organic fogging/traditional spray for routine maintenance and special events.

A stunning outdoor living space can enhance your home’s curb appeal and property value. Whether you’re looking for monthly lawn maintenance or weekly plant care, contact Bonick Landscaping today to schedule your consultation. 

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