Creating sophisticated outdoor environments for refined lifestyles.

Dallas Luxury Landscape Construction 

Whether you seek the serene sounds of babbling water or a space for family and friends to enjoy afternoons and evenings outside, Bonick Landscaping can build it.

Patios, walkways, water features, and more - we construct outdoor environments that not only look great but complement your landscape. Let us enhance your outdoor entertaining spaces and create a luxury outdoor experience that will feel like your own personal paradise for years to come.

Landscape Installation

Dallas Landscape Design, Trusted by Architects and Interior Designers

Our landscaping team works quickly to bring your outdoor space to life by designing and installing a beautiful assortment of greenery that enhances your home’s appeal. We choose the right selection of vibrant plants, shrubs, trees, and seasonal color to match your soil, sun, and water conditions. Bonick Landscaping also has over 30 years of experience installing, repairing, and maintaining automated and remote monitoring sprinkler systems. Our watering specialists will preserve the fertility of your lawns and keep your landscaping green and sustainable year-round.

For over 37 years, Bonick Landscaping has built a reputation for high-end customer service, design, and build quality. We've earned the trust of the most sophisticated architects, builders, and interior designers in Dallas and work alongside them to carefully review their proposed designs and determine the project scope for landscape installation.

Landscape Maintenance

Landscape installation is only the first step to a beautiful outdoor space and stunning landscape. Bonick Landscaping’s maintenance teams work year-round to make sure the sparkle doesn’t fade over time. 

Our landscape maintenance teams use a complete spectrum of organic and synthetic fertilization options to prepare your lawn and garden for annual and routine care. And, our plant care specialists manage all aspects of soil management, weed control, and root health to provide your lawn, garden, shrubs, and trees with vitality.

We also pay special care to the trees on your property. A beautiful tree adds significant value to your home. Bonick Landscaping’s team of experienced tree care specialists and arborists are committed to preserving your young and mature trees to protect them with expert feeding, trimming, and sculpting. 

Share our portfolio with your architect or designer and contact Bonick Landscaping for collaboration on your Dallas landscape design.

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