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At Bonick Landscaping, we believe in lawn care maintenance that creates healthy and great-looking lawns from the soil up. This means strengthening your grass’s natural ability to fight weeds and disease with garden fertilization. Proper mowing and watering are the basis of good lawn care, but using quality fertilizers and proper application of fertilizers is also key. Bonick Landscaping uses only the highest quality fertilizers – both organic and synthetic – depending upon the needs of your lawn and plants. Many of the plants that make up your yard landscape may not be native to the area. In order to develop into strong, healthy and attractive plants, they may need additional nutrients and feeding to promote growth and vigor. Large, well-established, healthy trees may not need much in the way of supplemental fertilization. Smaller trees and shrubs will become healthier plants that are more resistant to disease and insect infestations when they receive the proper nutrients applied where it is needed the most - in the root zone. Most trees need fertilization at least once a year. Flowers in the garden require fertilizer to bloom at their best throughout the Dallas season.

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